Version 0.4

  • removed dependency to causalml thus x- and t- learner were removed
  • removed dependency to rpy thus CausalForest method was removed
  • removed dependency to tensorflow thus ganite and dragonnet were removed
  • added missing requests library in dependencies

Version 0.3.2

  • some fixes in usage documentation
  • fixed persistent “future annotation”-bug that prevent importing justcause on Python 3.6
  • generate_data handles now CausaFrames as covariates correctly

Version 0.3.1

  • bugfixes in data generator based on IHDP (wrong covariate was used)
  • bugfix in evaluation (train/test results were in fact the same)
  • Support for lower Python versions (type annotations as used in JustCause were only available for Python >=3.7)

Version 0.3

  • data sets and generators now return a list of CausalFrames instead of iterators
  • treatment column is always t and outcome column always y
  • improved and extended documentation

Version 0.2

  • Complete overhaul of everything that was done before in order to have:
    • a distributable Python package
    • unit tests
    • a consistent API
    • some documentation
    • and much more ;-)

Version 0.1

  • Reflecting the state of the finished bachelor thesis